media write about us

31 May 2021

Ah! We love this media hype! We warm in it, and our dreams are becoming more and more exuberant …;) No, no … Soda water will not hit our heads. There will always be a competition that fails, someone else will do something phenomenal and the ego immediately positions itself at the right level. 😉 We also enjoy the moment, draw from it, but we also know that the challenge, in fact, is not a competition, but a construction site.

Mobilization is full with us to take care of everything in the smallest detail! Because since the project was described by: Architektura-Murator,, Archinea, Infoarchitekta, then we have to be careful … And watch the construction site so that everything turns out perfectly, as it should be! 🙂

P.s. We were most captivated by the title of the article in Property Design: “The museum, which is unique in the country, already has a permanent exhibition project”. We will come back to it on gray, autumn days …;)