1st prize!!!

14 May 2021

What a fantastic sunny day! This afternoon, the results of the competition for the design of the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Underwater Archeology and Baltic Fishing in Łeba, which is a newly built branch of the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, were announced.

We put all our heart and a lot of emotions into this competition. And although we always devote ourselves to competitions with great passion, the situation here was really special, because the building was also created by us. 🙂 Now we will really be responsible for all, without exception, solutions, visual impressions, audio landscapes. It is a great joy, challenge and commitment at the same time!

We managed to achieve success thanks to the intensive work of a well-coordinated, multi-task TEAM, which was supported by: PL Studio Patryk Żurawski together with Agnieszka Łańko and the team of Maciej Łukaszewicz’s Manufaktura Technologiczna. Our 3D designers also did their best: XDWA and DIGITAL BUNCH