1st prize in a competition!

20 December 2019

What a fantastic day! In the heat of the Christmas fever, we released three projects, launched our new website and… Won a competition for a high school in Wesoła district. The building will be built on a beautifully situated plot, among the soaring pines. A perfect place to learn!

Until recently, Wesoła district (the only one in Warsaw) did not have a public high school. This year, the first CLXIII high school classes were launched (September), then a competition was announced (September too), and the construction will start next year (hopefully 😉 ). We are so happy – it is a huge challenge to design for young people. It is also a great opportunity to shape their aesthetic culture.

We designed a very simple building with a clear functional plan and modern interior solutions. We really hope that young people will like it …;)

See you at the construction site!