crazy days: press about our philharmonic hall

18 February 2020

There has never been so much written about none of our projects. Within a few days of the results being announced, an avalanche of publications overwhelmed us. All well-known monthly magazines and architectural portals have written about the project. There were also daily newspapers, local radio and even Elle Decoration! The news about the outcome of the competition is surprising to us, but at the same time we are very happy and excited about what happened. 🙂

We are also very pleased that, completely imperceptibly, from the designers of the new headquarters of the Witold LutosÅ‚awski Symphonic Orchestra in PÅ‚ock, we have become the authors of the PÅ‚ock philharmonic! Until recently, it happened that our investors or friends thinking about our project of the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz, they were asking: how is your philharmonic? Such a shortcut. 😉 Then we were politely explaining: It’s an Academy! The best in the world! This is Alma Mater of RafaÅ‚ Blechacz, Szymon Nehring and many other great artists.

Now we will be proud to explain: the construction of our Academy is about to begin (2020), and now, we are designing the philharmonic hall

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